The pit.

This photo began as a frog on the asphalt.

Expression helps release trapped energy within

Writing, singing, dancing, painting, and photography are all great ways to release trapped energy.

Here is an idea (even if you think you are not a seemingly creative individual) that can help release negative trapped energy. Start by acquiring the list of art supplies below.

  • Canvas in various sizes
  • Acrylic paint in various colors
  • Several types of brushes

Now use a paper plate to put different colors of paint onto. Dip one of the brushes into the paint and let the brush glide across the canvas. Dip and glide, blend; dip and glide, blend. Keep repeating until a feeling of contentment comes over you. Let the paint dry. Repeat process. Now look at your creation from all angles. What have you created?

Boundaries are so important to how happy a person can or will be.

With boundaries, even imperfect, we can begin to nurture ourselves.

Without any boundaries, life lacks clarity. Communication between loved ones becomes muddled, which muddles the relationship entirely. No matter how happy we want to be that joy can not be attained without constructing clear boundaries in and around our lives.