Stretching your muscles every day stops aches and pains

Did you know stretching your hamstrings (the muscles on the back of your thighs), stops lower back pain?

Focus is vital for your mind, body, and spirit

Did you know that the information age is making your brain less intelligent? Shut off all information sources once a day for at least an hour, focus on the silence!

Exercise with a healthy diet will strengthen your heart muscles

Did you know nothing is healthier than fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, dairy, meat, and grains; Not out of a can or the freezer?

Meditation calms the mind

Did you know meditation can be very overwhelming to the mind at first? Allowing a thought in and then letting the thought go takes practice, especially in the beginning when a thousand thoughts a minute are entering at once!

Breathing as a center of focus activity melts stress from your back and shoulders

Did you know being kind to yourself is not as easy as you might think?